About Artist Elizabeth King Hale

"I have been drawing and painting horses as far back as I can remember. I come from a family of artists, so it has always seemed natural.

I grew up on a lake in rural East Texas. The lakes, woods, ponds, streams, pastures, and trees were my playground, and the wild creatures were my friends. The raccoons were my favorites.

It was back in the day when kids could wander for miles from dawn till dusk alone in the great outdoors, building tree-houses, forts, playing in old barns, bothering cows, hunting for turtles and snakes, etc. with total freedom.

Of course, I always longed for a horse...

When I was thirteen, I sold all my treasures at a garage sale at a friend’s house in town, and $75.00 later had the horse of my dreams. He was a swirling mass of mane and tail; young, spirited and half-wild. Since I always rode bareback, I frequently found myself hanging from a tree or on the ground, as he had a habit of bucking while running full speed through the woods...But I loved it. I was fearless; I could run out my back door any time of the day or night, jump on my horse, and fly away...

To this day, I paint with this same sense of freedom and fearless abandon, which I feel is reflected in my art. I trust myself and never hold back. When a painting is going really well, there is a point where an artist does not want to screw it up, but my feeling is that there is a big difference between a good painting and a great painting, so I would rather take the risk...than settle for less.

I have been on both sides of the fence as a Gallery owner and an Artist, and I understand the challenges involved. I opened KingHale Gallery in Sarasota, FL, in 2001, and Santa Fe Pony Express in Santa Fe, NM, in 2010.

Over the years, my horses have found homes all over the U.S. and beyond. They have traveled by air, land and sea.

My original paintings are huge, so shipping has often been an adventure in creativity that makes a good story later; especially since my old style of painting was on masonite board with massive framing which made the paintings extremely heavy and cumbersome.

I have recently developed a new style of painting on oversized canvas. I have combined a new semi-realism with my older more abstract style to create the best of both worlds. Now, my original paintings on gallery wrap canvas don't need frames, and are not heavy. In addition, canvas can be rolled up and safely shipped at a fraction of the cost and effort of a giant framed piece.

I understand that not everyone has the space or the budget for a giant original painting, so I am now offering affordable fine art prints in an array of sizes and prices to fit anyone's budget and space requirements. You can start your own collection and create your own herd with as few or as many of these horses as you wish.

I feel, in this day and time, it is even more important than ever to surround yourself with whatever brings you joy. Whether you spend the majority of your time in a room, apartment, condo, house, office, or palace; you can create an uplifting environment that inspires you every day..."

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